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Securing quality physical office space and professional administrative support can become a time-consuming distraction, a drag on the bottom line, or even an impediment to capitalizing on fortuitous market opportunities.

At FGS, we understand that some prospective clients like a businesses, even one that operates in cyberspace, to keep a toehold in the real world. That’s why we offer several flexible options for joining The Suite Life™, all of which operate out of our upscale location and feature our friendly and helpful on-site staff and the dynamic business-casual environment of our recently remodeled corporate office building, complete with 24-hour professional security and available underground lot and street metered parking options.

The Extension Suite

Dedicated Phone Line & Voicemail.

Extend you business profile with access to many of the advantages of a physical office without the excessive overhead. This suite includes a dedicated telephone line and up to two hours per month of scheduled conference room or office cubicle space at no extra cost, with extras such as bi-weekly mail forwarding.

Starting at $115.00 per month.

The Executive Suite

Live Reception & Personal Assistance

Manage your time and costs with the all-inclusive Executive Suite; associated amenities include: a unique telephone number with live reception, call forwarding and electronic voicemail; incoming fax service with courtesy notification; in-office copying, scanning and email access (as available); notary services; curbside mail delivery and more.

Starting at $149.00 per month.

The VIP Suite

Live receptionist & Conference room

Manage your time & cost with the exclusive VIP Suite package. associated amenities include; 6 hours of conference room time. Telephone number live receptionist call, forwarding & electronic voicemail; incoming fax service with courtesy notification; in office scanning,copying, & email access (as available); notary services curbside mail delivery & more

Starting at $185.00 per month

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